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Catholic Charities Gainesville provides services designed to help preserve and protect the life of the child, provide care for women and their children, and to assist in the building of families through adoption.


The program provides multiple services including:​

  • Life-affirming pregnancy counseling to clients that may include education and referrals

  • Adoption services to pregnant women and adoptive families with the focus on securing the best parenting plan for the child

  • Post-legal adoption services including lifetime counseling to the birth mother as needed and search assistance as requested by any member of the adoption triad

  • Home Studies to couples that are seeking adoption with other adoption agencies and attorneys are needed

  • Adoption education to the community

Please visit the Caring Choices website

or call (866) 901-9647 for more information.

Mother's Day Card

* photo and name changed for privacy


“I am 14 weeks pregnant now, and I am working with the Catholic Charities pregnancy program. They have been a super big help for me. They gathered the community to assist me with transferring my kids to Alachua county schools and getting them transportation, school supplies, and clothing. Catholic Charities helped me with getting an apartment, furniture and supplies for my new home. The donations I’ve received from the community have been a huge help. My pregnancy counselor has assisted me with my doctors’ appointments, getting groceries and more. You helped me through a lot, thank you. I think other people should know that Caring Choices exist. I had no idea such an amazing support system was out there. Being a woman is powerful and challenging. One of the hardest challenges we face is deciding whether to have a child, especially when we feel alone. I am so grateful to have a pregnancy counselor to support me and walk with me on this journey.”

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