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Statement from Bishop Erik Pohlmeier on Jacksonville Shooting

Bishop Condemns Racially Motivated Violence

Jacksonville, Fla. – Yesterday (August 26), a senseless act of violence claimed the lives of three individuals in our community. It has come to light that the shooter’s motivations were fueled by hatred and bigotry, as he targeted innocent lives solely because of their race. This reprehensible act reminds us of the deep-seated wounds that still afflict our society – wounds rooted in prejudice and racism.

I call upon each of you to pray for the victims and their families during this painful time. Let our prayers serve as a source of comfort and healing. Additionally, let us pray for the conversion of hearts that harbor prejudice, that they may be transformed by the grace of God and embrace a spirit of love and reconciliation.

In times like these, it is crucial for us to come together as a community, to support one another and to stand against hatred in all its forms. Let us remember that violence and bigotry have no place in our hearts or our society. We must actively work to promote understanding, respect and unity among all people.

May we find strength in our faith, hope in God’s mercy and a renewed commitment to fostering a just and inclusive society.

May the peace of Christ be with you all,

Most Rev. Erik T. Pohlmeier Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine

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